Investing in Aviation Finance: Korea

Feb 6, 2018
FKI Tower 24, Korea
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Investing in Aviation Finance: Korea
February 2018

With Korean investors showing signs of diversification into asset backed securities and portfolio transactions, this intimate masterclass will provide a 360 degree masterclass to help investors identify opportunities, structure deals and mitigate risks.

Leveraging proprietary data, case studies, and educational sessions, the event will provide a wealth of resources, data and insights maximising time out of the office for investors.


This conference is exclusive to investors by invitation-only. If you do not have an invitation, you can register your interest by emailing [email protected].

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"Ishka has successfully moved away from the traditional conference format, creating an environment which allows for genuine debate on key issues.  The level of participation, both in terms of the attendees and their engagement clearly shows that Ishka have hit the mark.” Richard Owen Walker, Head of Investor Marketing, Airbus

For more information, please contact:
Tom Preselo, Head of Production
+44 (0)20 3176 3696
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Investing in Aviation Finance: Korea is designed for both new and seasoned investors looking to gain more practical and technical expertise within the aviation finance market. 

This event has an invite-only policy and capped attendance to ensure quality attendees and highly tailored content. If you want to be one of a just 80 investors discovering, discussing and shaping the future of the Korean aviation finance market, then apply for an invitation here*. 



Our specialist masterclass has been designed specifically around the educational needs of both experienced and new institutional investors looking to maximise returns and mitigate risk within aviation finance. 

  • Benchmark aviation against other asset classes and securities to find best relative value 
  • Credit and collateral analysis to help identify which investments have the best risk-adjusted returns
  • Plan for the next stage of the aviation cycle 
  • Learn how to access the narrow body market and invest in a portfolio of aircraft


Learn more about our expert speaker lineup for Investing in Aviation Finance: Korea by downloading the speaker bios here 

Cian Dooley
Cian Dooley
Founding Partner
Airborne Capital
Paul  Jebely
Paul Jebely
Managing Partner
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Lionel Van Buylaere
Lionel Van Buylaere
Dan Stone
Dan Stone
Executive Vice President
Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
Patrick den Elzen
Patrick den Elzen
Arena Aviation Capital
Karl Essig
Karl Essig
Kalash  Pandey
Kalash Pandey
Vice President, IBD Structured Finance,
Goldman Sachs
Brian Rynott
Brian Rynott
Chief Investment Officer
Intrepid Aviation Group
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Ishka View



The investment thesis for aviation finance: a growth industry with stable income

A Proprietary analysis session which benchmarks aviation against alternative asset classes and key industry metrics to compare relative value.

Comparison of alternative asset classes: shipping, real estate infrastructure and aviation
Growth drivers
How has aviation performed relative to main market metrics and trackers?
Volatility trends 
Equity and debt return and risk characteristics
Recoveries and levels of defaults 



Strategic planning and management for the next cycle

Investing at the peak of the cycle?  This session will look at past crises and cycles to shape our understanding of the future, and help investors navigate the next stage of the cycle.


  • Analysing past cycles: Dislocations in the aviation industry to shape our future understanding of the next cycle
  • Behaviours of crisis; what are the leading signals? How do we monitor them and what are the metrics?
  • Do cycles exist and how do we define them?
  • Investing in a soft market



Coffee Break



Evaluating your investment: Credit and collateral analysis to identity best risk adjusted returns

The session will provide a framework for evaluating investment alternatives and for ongoing monitoring of aviation investments

  • The framework is based on the observation that the outcome of aviation investments is critically dependent on four key factors: (i) the strength of the airline credit, (ii) the legal framework in the jurisdiction of registration, (iii) the structuring of the transaction and above all (iv) the quality of the aircraft collateral
  • The implications of collateral selection on cashflow, capital values/volatility, liquidity and other key factors
  • Realistic yield expectations in the current market environment
  • The implications for the design of investment performance/risk monitoring systems






Managing risk: optimal structuring solutions for investing in widebody aircraft and risk discussion

This session will examine a number of hypothetical case studies, to identify best practices and pitfalls, and allow delegates to flag perceived risks to our panel of experts.

  • Best practices for structuring a widebody investment 
  • Lessons learnt from previous deals and best practices from other cases
  • Does a well-structured A380 and 777 still represent a good deal?
  • Are investors over exposed to balloon risk?
  • Heavy maintenance checks






Accessing the competitive narrow body market and picking the right model

How can Korean investors access the highly competitive narrow body market and what returns are on offer?

  • What appetite is there for narrow body aircraft?
  • Entrance and exit strategies for narrow body aircraft
  • Risk analysis for narrow body aircraft: CMV, FVF, LRF
  • What variants are on offer?






Forecasting future values, lease rates and maintenance reserves

Modelling future cashflows

  • Why is there a perceived dislocation between appraiser values and market values?
  • Which aircraft have performed well and will continue to do so?
  • Souring a lease and structuring a deal
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Residual value assumptions
  • Where will lease rates trend in the future?
  • Calculating maintenance reserves and end of lease compensation



Coffee break



Evaluating investing in a portfolio of aircraft as Korean investors look to diversify

  • Where do equity funds typically invest?
  • How do you invest in a portfolio of aircraft from ABS to private equity and aviation funds?
  • Best practices, checks and balances 



Jurisdictional risk analysis: A look at recovery mechanisms in different jurisdictions

A look at default scenarios and inter-creditor issues

  • What happens if any airline or lessor refuses to negotiate?
  • A look at recovery mechanisms
  • Return and redelivery condition analysis
  • Methodologies for minimum return conditions 


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