Alternative Assets Investment Forum: Europe

Ishka & Proximo

Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2020
etc.venues St Paul's, United Kingdom

Ishka and Proximo are thrilled to launch the Alternative Assets Investment Forum: Europe, the only event of its kind in Europe.

More assets: Keeping a core focus on commercial aviation investment opportunities, the forum will also cover core and esoteric infrastructure opportunities in Europe, leveraging the expertise of Proximo.

Benchmarking: The forum will provide a unique platform for investors under the alternative/real assets allocation buckets to benchmark the relative value of multiple investment opportunities to keep ahead in the European market.

More investor networking: A wider focus will generate greater investor interest, creating a truly unique cross-sell opportunity for attendees.


Why attend?


Unique features

  • Understand and analyse investment opportunities to enhance returns and minimise risk
  • Track the supply of investment opportunities across asset classes
  • Network with institutional investors to secure funding
  • Pre-conference commercial aviation investment masterclass to understand the nuances of the asset class
  • Thought leading industry speakers
  • Unique and interactive session formats




Free Registration: Investor/Airlines

Complimentary conference passes are available to airlines and instiutional investors (subject to approval by Ishka)



The crew at Ishka are global & disruptive thinkers. Their events are excellent & deserve the industry support. (Co-founder Ryan Air)
Declan Ryan
Founder, Viva Air
Declan Ryan
Ishka's unique format encourages open and candid debate on key issues among leading industry figures and market players resulting in a high quality dialogue. Ishka events are the 'conference of choice' for me and many colleagues
Steve Bridgland
SVP, DVB Bank SE Representative Office New York
Steve Bridgland
If you’re looking for an event in aviation finance that goes to a deeper level and debates the (critical) topics – this is the one!
Sally Gilding
Senior Consultant, Ocorian
Sally Gilding

etc.venues St Paul's

200 Aldersgate

London EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom

Find out more on the St Pauls etc.venues website.

Alternative Assets Investment Forum: Europe

Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2020
Ishka and Proximo are thrilled to launch the 'Alternative Assets Investment Forum Europe' the only event of its kind in Europe.

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