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Covid-19 sees “seismic” drop in aftermarket demand

Covid-19 has caused a “seismic” drop in demand for aircraft parts as airlines delay all but necessary maintenance in their efforts to conserve cash. At the same time, an accelerated rate of aircraft retirements risk flooding the parts market, pushing up supply at a time of already low demand. more


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Covid-19 bailouts: Lufthansa in ‘advanced talks’ for bailout (21st May)

The tally of confirmed bailouts grew by $1.34 billion from the previous week, but Germany edged closer to an agreement for a $9.7bn 'stabilisation package' for Lufthansa. more


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Asset Managers Survey: A limited hike in equity returns

An Ishka survey of aircraft asset managers reveals many are concerned about possible aircraft repossessions while several lessors are still trying to trade aircraft portfolios despite difficult market conditions. more


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Viral Capital: Airlines slow down debt raising

Airlines appear to have slowed down the volume of additional debt facilities in the last few weeks after raising billions of dollars a day during March and April to help cope with the coronavirus crisis. more


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Domestic resilience: Which airlines and aircraft stand to benefit?

Commercial air traffic has begun a slow recovery, raising the question of which airlines and aircraft will be best positioned in the new environment. more


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Airlines on Watch: Avianca joins list of 11 collapsed carriers

11 carriers are in bankruptcy proceedings following the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, placing as many as 500 aircraft – 80% of which are leased – at risk of re-entering the market. more


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Covid-19 bailouts: Brazil downsizes bailout offer, others retrench (14 May)

Could governmental support to aviation be beginning to waiver? The total tally, including reported support packages in the works, saw a slight weekly decrease for the first time. more


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Aircraft lessors end up with a majority stake in Norwegian

Lessors have become the largest group of shareholders in Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian) after creditors and shareholders agreed to a NOK10 billion ($958 million) debt-for-equity scheme to help the troubled airline unlock crucial state aid. more


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Public lessors Q1: Covid onset results in mild hit to lease revenues

Fly, ALC, and AerCap finished Q1 2020 with mild declines to their operating lease revenue, as the bulk of lease deferrals agreed with airline customers have yet to hit lessors’ balance sheets. more


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Public lessors Q1: Rent deferrals top $500 million

Ishka summarises the talking points of lessors' Q1 earnings calls, including airline support, sale-leaseback and forward placement activity and how best to fund yourself through a crisis. more


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Covid-19 bailouts: Italian minister pledges $3.2 bn for Alitalia (7th May)

The tally of confirmed bailouts grew by a $1.16 billion over the past week as Garuda and IAG announced receiving state loans. Separately, Italy pledged $3.2 billion for Alitalia. more


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​​​​​​​Lessors bid on Wizz and EasyJet sale/leasebacks

Wizz and EasyJet join several carriers that are also rumoured to be in the market. Sources estimate that there may be as many as two hundred aircraft currently in the sale-leaseback market as airlines explore any means they can to raise cash. more


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Engine SLB bids up to 40% below pre-Covid levels

Engine lessors say they are bidding on engine RFPs at a 30% - 40% discount from pre-coronavirus prices as airlines continue their frantic search for liquidity. more


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Q1 2020: How the large US carriers are managing Covid-19 cash burn

The four largest North American carriers are collectively burning through approximately $250 million per day, Q1 results show. more


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