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Two integrated modules. Powerful, trusted analysis.


Identify and quantify underlying trends in aircraft transactions with real pricing and deals data



Real transaction pricing supports Ishka’s pioneering approach to aircraft valuations

Ishka Aircraft Valuations

Access at a touch dynamic aircraft valuation data from industry pioneer Eddy Pieniazek, founder of the first online aircraft valuations platform and Certified ISTAT Appraiser Paul O'Driscoll 

Real aircraft deals data supports Ishka’s granular and trusted analysis, together with a fresh approach to methodology for today’s aircraft transaction environment.

Underpinned by an exceptional track record in aviation finance spanning several decades, Ishka delivers trusted, independent aircraft values data to evaluate risk and make informed decisions about buying, trading and managing aircraft assets.

  • Half-life and full-life current market and base values
  • Generic values searchable by type, variant, build year, engine, MTOW and specification
  • Generic monthly lease rates
  • Forecast base values and lease rates looking ahead up to 20 years
  • Includes lease encumbered valuation capability
  • Build and manage your portfolio

Authoritative independent aviation asset assessment


Get clarity on trends and market movement with naked vs. encumbered values analysis


Discover the impact of transaction conditions on an asset’s value


Inform decisions for entry and exit strategies in aircraft-related securities


Choose the right aircraft, assess the best margins, tailor to suit your risk profile


Trusted risk analysis and internal modelling tool for investment, remarketing and trading

Risk is inevitable
Manage it smartly with Ishka

Tailor your searches by aircraft type and variant.

Choose the value of an individual aircraft or create, update and manage your own multiple portfolios. Includes option for online lease encumbered values.

Export data directly into your workflow. Print your Ishka valuation report.

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Ishka transactions.

Ishka Aircraft Transactions

Access unique trading data at a click of a button to confidently evaluate future transactions and benchmark against actual deal trends.

Our powerful new intelligence source includes:

Purchase prices, Lease rates and lease terms, Security deposits, Maintenance reserves balance, Lessee credit rating and lessee business model

Meticulously researched by a dedicated in-house team, following a rigorous and consistent approach.

Ishka transactions.

Transactions delivers real data on





Break through the opaque world of aircraft pricing


Delivering unprecedented transparency for scores of aircraft types on current and historical lease deals


Unique intelligence on trends in aircraft transactions comprised of real pricing and deals data


Move forwards with confidence and benchmark your potential transactions against deal trends and historical pricing

Transparency is the new norm
Keep it real with Ishka

Filter your searches by:

  • Manufacturer and aircraft variant
  • Aircraft vintage
  • Charting parameters
  • By duration or specific date periods

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Ishka valuations.

Transaction Economics has been developed by our trusted team of experienced advisors and analysts led by Eddy Pieniazek.

Eddy is an original advocate of today’s aircraft valuations and appraisal industry and founder of the world’s first online aircraft valuation tool in 1999.

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“The market has been seeking greater transparency in understanding asset values – market conditions are uncertain and the dynamics around trading values can be complex.
With Transaction Economics we aim to improve the clarity that investors and financiers have been seeking, through real transaction trends, pricing and opinion.”
Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Advisory, Ishka
“We need trusted, up-to-date aircraft values data to consider deals and monitor market movements. Transaction Economics is an essential tool to help us to identify new investment opportunities.”
Daniel Rosato
Managing Director, Atalaya Capital Management

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