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“Ishka Insights is lot deeper and more analytical than other news sources, it’s not just going after every small piece of news but doing a deep dive on the hottest industry topics and trends impacting the industry”
Matt Dallas, Head-Investor & Media Relations, FLY Leasing/BBAM
“A few years ago I signed up for Ishka Insights. The value I have received from them has been beyond what I had originally expected. Ishka Insights have provided me with very useful data sheets and opinion articles, and have been instrumental in shining a brighter light on the risks and rewards inherent to this ever-changing and not always fully transparent industry.”
Steve Vanderstichele, Director, Barclays
“Top quality – they’re extremely relevant – even down to certain pending deals. The data tables supporting the analysis are always clear and concise. Keep up the great work! Ishka is the clear leader in aviation news and Insights.”
Richard Averitt, Director of Lease Finance, TrueAero
“Ishka offers market leading insights reports on issues of concern to aircraft financiers on a consistent basis. It’s become an essential intelligence resource that has helped us to stay connected to changes in the market.”
Saburo Koyama, CEO, iStrings Aviation Capital
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