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Disruption creates opportunity for some and threats to others, a landscape currently familiar to many of the world’s lessors as they continue to combat lease defaults and deferrals, reduced collections and cashflow pressures on one hand and an increasingly competitive sale-and-leaseback market on the other.

The pandemic has hit hard and across all regions. The cumulative impact of payment holidays for distressed airlines and on-going rental negotiations including new PBH deals means that in the near term, 150 lessors face more turbulence and the prospect of further consolidation to strengthen balance sheets, widen airline relationships and gain economies of scale.

Ishka’s experienced advisory team is supporting the world’s top leasing companies and new entrants alike to optimise aircraft trading and portfolio management practices and understand:

Fundamentals of the current market and the size, shape and pace of recovery, region by region

Aircraft marketability and liquidity of specific aircraft types both now and into the future, residual/depreciation profiles and historical volatility in values and lease rates

The size and shape of the market for specific aircraft types

Potential risks to the value of assets and residual values at lease-end

Expert aviation advisory services for lessors
through every stage of your lifecycle

Our combined services support you at every stage

Stage 1: Define your investment strategy, raise funds and originate deals

Stage 2: Due diligence

Stage 3: Asset placement and management

Stage 4: Asset remarketing and trading

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Lessors and the global fleet

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With $181 billion dollars required in funding by 2023 to meet new aircraft demand, lessors continue to play a pivotal role in the industry, especially in the advent of more sale-and-leaseback deals with airlines. Ishka’s trusted Advisory team delivers quality data and comprehensive industry intelligence to support and scale the world’s leasing companies in a complex and evolving market

The collective expertise and proven track record of our independent, global team delivers first class services.

We can:

Deliver an independent view of industry fundamentals including areas of growth, competitors, market dynamics and the mechanics of leasing

Create profitable investment strategies, defining where to invest and how to source funding

Create robust risk management practices and effective asset and lessee due diligence

Source and structure deals and deliver expert support on building term sheets, heads of agreement and defining aircraft

Employ best practice in asset placement and management in areas such as rental, tax, security, insurance, maintenance, Quiet Enjoyment

Successfully manage and maintain lease agreements and the condition of assets

Shape asset remarketing and trading activities, lease expirations, aircraft remarketing and aircraft sales

Working together with Ishka

The Ishka Advisory team serves:

  • Operating lessors
  • From new entrants to mature lessors
  • From mainstream market strategies to specialist niche practitioners
  • From new build and sale/leaseback players to end of life and freight conversion specialists

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