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Ishka Vista: 2024 Aviation Finance Market Forecast

Markets are made around positive and negative signals. When one outweighs the other, a trend evolves that either carries bullish or bearish momentum.

This year more than most, it is all in the balance. At the start of 2024, the year offers plenty of positives, and we anticipate that a lot of those will shine through, but the potential exists for enough negatives to more than cancel them all out. 

Our new Ishka Vista: Aviation Finance Market Forecast analyses the key drivers shaping market behaviour and demonstrates what this means for your 2024 aviation investments. 

Eddy Pieniazek

Eddy Pieniazek

Head of Advisory

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Section One

2023 Review: Industry Not Yet Firing on All Cylinders

The Ishka (Re)View on 2023. Lessons learned. 

Section Two

External Factors Impacting Aviation Finance

SAF is taking off, but is it gaining altitude?

Section Three

Airlines and Aircraft 

Analysis of the Ishka 175

China. Managing growth in 2024 

Production and deliveries - 'Getting there...'

Are today’s stored aircraft still part of the usable global fleet of aircraft?

Section Four

Finance in the Spotlight - Show Me the Money

The challenge facing aviation banks

Capital markets: Lessors make a cautious return to bond market

Government support: larger airlines repay - smaller airlines consider repayment plans 

Section Five

Aircraft Values and Lease Rates

Widebody aircraft. The path to renaissance in values and lease rates
Valuing older aircraft: as a going concern or part-out?

Section Six

The Ishka View

The Trusted Ishka View for 2024

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Institutional InvestorsInstitutional Investors

You’ve heard from the sell side, now make sure you receive an independent and impartial view on the outlook for the aviation finance market in 2024 to:

  • Analyse the market and define new opportunities in a turbulent market
  • Perform commercial due diligence services for acquisitions or investments in airlines and operators, lessors and suppliers
  • Achieve superior risk and reward profiles in accordance with specific investment objectives
  • Pitch, initiate and authenticate deals: Ishka instructs how to identify and target prospects which meet specific investment criteria
  • Understand risk and reward: expert intelligence on effectively monitoring exposure and actively managing risk in a dynamic global market

Banks and LessorsBanks and Lessors

Leverage Ishka Vista’s data, analysis and expert insight to:

  • Highlight critical trends and issues that impact your deals and influence your investment decisions in 2024
  • Credit and risk teams: complement your due diligence and historical data with additional valuable data points and projections
  • Support, challenge and benchmark in-house views
  • Underline opportunities and warning signs you may have missed


Utilise Ishka expert analysis to discover and benchmark:

  • Which markets are primed for growth and which are in decline
  • The value and pricing of assets
  • Competitor activity and intelligence gathering

Service ProvidersService Providers

Receive an independent perspective on the prospects, on-going challenges and opportunities for commercial aviation in 2024:

  • Plan where to focus your resources
  • Understand which markets are primed for growth and which are in decline
  • Underline opportunities and warning signs you may have missed

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