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Your essential guide to the aviation finance market in 2022

The change and innovation that market dislocations can induce is underway in commercial aviation. From the advancement of ESG accountability to the intensifying developments of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel industry and the cutting-edge advancements in airborne EVs, E-VTOL and electric/hydrogen propulsion; these long-term initiatives will help grow our industry in the right direction.

Traffic will continue to build on its recovery in 2022, as airlines with domestic networks continue to have the best opportunity to break into sustained and healthy quarterly operating profits. Aviation finance remains strong, although financiers have become increasingly selective in whom and in what they are prepared to finance.

It’s still a tough market but with buckets of optimism for recovery. Let’s not forget that aviation remains part of a $12 trillion global travel and tourism business and pent-up demand shows that, given the chance, aircraft seats will fill as soon as allowed.

Ishka Vista 2022 Aviation Finance Market Forecast delivers a trusted and independent assessment of the aviation landscape to help identify markets, products and assets offering the greatest return on investment and the best potential for growth in 2022

Eddy Pieniazek

Eddy Pieniazek

Head of Advisory
introduces Ishka Vista 2022

Section One

2021: Damage Assessment and Preparation for Market Return

The Ishka View on 2021

The Lost Productivity of Unemployed Aircraft

Section Two

External Factors

Government and Shareholder Support for the Airlines - "Please Sir, can I have some more?"

Specific Market Focus - ESG - The Lights have turned Green - A green finance outlook for 2022

Section Three

Airlines and Aircraft - A Recovery in Progress

Analysis of the ‘Ishka 150’

P2F Conversions - The Five Year Wait for Slots

Production Rates - "You might need it but can we build it?"

Deliveries in 2022

Section Four

Show Me the Money (Finance)

Aviation Financing Outlook - Will the banks be back in 2022?

2022 - Another busy year for aircraft ABS?

Section Five

Aircraft Values and Lease Rates

Twin-aisle Widebody Values and Lease Rates - A tough market with a few positive turns

The Case for Resilient Base Values

Section Six

The Ishka View

Supply and demand - Reabsorbing the Excess fleet

The Ishka View for 2022

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Institutional InvestorsInstitutional Investors

You’ve heard from the sell side, now make sure you receive an independent and impartial view on the outlook for the aviation finance market in 2022 to:

  • • Analyse the market and define new opportunities in a turbulent market
  • • Perform commercial due diligence services for acquisitions or investments in airlines and operators, lessors and suppliers
  • • Achieve superior risk and reward profiles in accordance with specific investment objectives
  • • Pitch, initiate and authenticate deals: Ishka instructs how to identify and target prospects which meet specific investment criteria
  • • Understand risk and reward: expert intelligence on effectively monitoring exposure and actively managing risk in a dynamic global market

Banks and LessorsBanks and Lessors

Leverage Ishka Vista’s data, analysis and expert insight to:

  • • Highlight critical trends and issues that impact your deals and influence your investment decisions in 2022
  • • Credit and risk teams: complement your due diligence and historical data with additional valuable data points and projections
  • • Support, challenge and benchmark in-house views
  • • Underline opportunities and warning signs you may have missed


Utilise Ishka expert analysis to discover and benchmark:

  • • Which markets are primed for growth and which are in decline
  • • The value and pricing of assets
  • • Competitor activity and intelligence gathering

Service ProvidersService Providers

Receive an independent perspective on the prospects, on-going challenges and opportunities for commercial aviation in 2022:

  • • Plan where to focus your resources
  • • Understand which markets are primed for growth and which are in decline
  • • Underline opportunities and warning signs you may have missed


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