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Currently 1,400 airlines worldwide

It’s a complex market with multiple business models – full-service airlines, secondary and low-cost airlines, boutique, air taxi, all-cargo and private flight charter operators – operating across local, regional and inter-continental geographies.

Ishka advises airlines, operators and prospective new start-ups on the optimal aircraft to operate, how to find new or used aircraft to lease and / or purchase, which meet specific operational and economic requirements.

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Expert advisory services to:

Research, analyse and monitor the market: Ishka continuously tracks the global market, keeping customers informed of the latest outlook for passenger and cargo traffic and changes to the competitive and regulatory environment

Develop robust business plans: Ishka delivers trusted market intelligence to create, validate and revise strategic business plans

Select the right assets: Ishka assesses which aircraft to operate, tailored to network and operating profiles

Acquire aircraft: Ishka locates new and used aircraft, to purchase or lease at the best margins and create the optimal fleet mix

Services at a glance

Services at a glance

  • Bespoke market research, sector, trend and competitor analysis
  • Business plan creation, analysis and review
  • Fleet and network planning advisory
  • Feasibility studies and portfolio monitoring
  • Lease contract analysis and review, contractual and asset verification
  • Maintenance planning and support
  • Maintenance reserve assessment

Eddy Pieniazek

Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Advisory

Stuart Flaye

Stuart Flaye
Senior Consultant

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