Driving profitable
growth for
Airlines & Operators

The airline landscape is morphing to adapt to new realities. Defining winning strategies and profitable performance remains the challenge

From the largest carriers to the latest start-ups, Ishka works with airlines around the world, providing expert advisory services and first-class proprietary data focusing on:

Aircraft acquisition, disposal and fleet planning

Restructuring support

Asset valuation and benchmarking

Traffic and trend analysis

Competitor analysis

Expert aviation advisory services for airlines and operators
through each stage of your growth journey

Our combined services support you at every stage

Stage 1: Understand current and future market outlook for passenger and cargo traffic

Stage 2: Identify new opportunities to manage and scale your business

Stage 3: Acquire aircraft which meet operational and economic requirements

Stage 4: Benchmarking and monitoring

Graphic of different stages

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The collective expertise and proven track record of our global team delivers first class advisory services. We can:

Research, analyse and monitor the market and deliver comprehensive supply and demand forecast scenarios

Create, validate and revise strategic business plans

Advise on selecting the right assets, tailored to network and operating profiles

Support the acquisition of new and used aircraft to purchase or lease at the best margins to create the optimal fleet mix

Value airline fleets via a full range of aircraft appraisal services

Working together with Ishka

The Ishka Advisory team serves:

  • Full Service Airlines
  • Multi-Brand Airlines
  • Regional Airlines
  • Low-Cost Carriers
  • Ultra Low-Cost Carriers
  • Hybrid Airlines
  • Tour Operators
  • Cargo Airlines

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Driving profitable performance.