Airline Credit Profiles
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Get a definitive and independent perspective on which airlines remain stronger credits in the weeks and months ahead, which airlines are on watch and which are seriously exposed to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Ishka’s Airline Credit Profiles service delivers a truly unique and holistic assessment of the world’s airlines, with expert quantitative and qualitative analysis by our experienced team of airline analysts.

The trusted benchmark on which the market can compare, measure risk and trade.

Delivering so much more than airline financials, Ishka’s Airline Credit Profiles integrates a wealth of valuable data sources with indispensible evaluation and commentary, providing the ultimate airline analysis resource in today’s turbulent environment.


Watch Eddy Pieniazek and Siddarth Narkhede introduce Ishka's Airline Credit Profiles and assess the current environment for the world's airlines.

Airline Credit Profiles.

Lessors, asset managers and investors alike depend on Ishka's Airline Credit Profiles to analyse multiple airlines, benchmark ABS deals and fast track due diligence.

For airlines, it's the ultimate resource to conduct powerful competitive peer reviews.

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Ishka View and Ishka Scorecard

At the heart of an Airline Credit Profile is the Ishka Credit Score and The Ishka View – our team’s expert opinion on an airline’s key strengths versus its challenges.

The exclusive credit score on an individual airline is generated with six critical measures at its core: liquidity, leverage, gearing, average fleet age, load factors and EBITDAR margin.

The final credit score is underpinned by expert analysis and commentary from our team of global analysts, taking into consideration a holistic view of an airline’s financials, management and shareholders, route network, fleet order book and the impact of recent events.

Actionable, calculated Ishka analysis utilising multiple, trusted data sources including Bloomberg, OAG and airline financial statements.
Ishka valuations.

If today’s market pressures continue, the next airline casualty is almost inevitable

Airline Credit Profiles.

Free airline credit
profile sample


Accurate, frequent analysis of an airline’s financial and operational health is now more essential than ever.

Pinpoint investment opportunities and accelerate in-house risk analysis

  • Analyse multiple airlines in an instant with our online comparison tool
  • Benchmark internal analysis when dealing directly with an airline or via a lessor
  • Compile transaction documentation material for credit approval
  • Compare and contrast a target airline’s financial and operational performance against its peers
  • Track trends and monitor current concerns whilst analysing your own portfolio side by side or against peers
  • Export the very latest data and analysis into your own in-house models, workflows and reports via excel
  • Receive alerts when data and analysis for an airline is updated either following a major incident or twice-yearly

Discover first hand the wealth of intelligence available to accelerate and benchmark your own in-house airline analysis today

Lessors including heads of risk, heads of origination, heads of remarketing / trading

  1. Validate and benchmark credit analysis on existing lessees and airline RFPs at a click of a button
  2. Save weeks of work and in-house resource to produce instant and comprehensive airline due diligence reports ahead of your competitors
  3. Confidently identify, monitor and track viable opportunities to place and remarket aircraft with airline operators
  4. Target marketing activity towards operators of particular aircraft types
  5. Assess and understand short and long term liquidity pressures

Investors including credit and risk portfolio managers, investment managers, heads of fixed income, head of alternative investments

  1. Benchmark internal analysis when dealing directly with an airline or via a lessor
  2. Broaden understanding of the wider competitive environment
  3. Compare and contrast a target airline’s financial and operational performance against its peers

Banks including credit and risk officers, heads of structured finance, heads of fixed income, heads of origination, capital markets and alt. investment teams

  1. Identify viable airline/aircraft investment opportunities and formulate lending strategies
  2. Measure and supplement in-house risk analysis when moving down the credit curve
  3. Understand the competitive environment and respond to identified threats
  4. Compile transaction documentation material for approval by credit committee

Airlines including CEOs, CFOs, treasurers, heads of strategy

  1. Conduct robust peer reviews and analysis
  2. Understand the strategic competitive environment
  3. Respond successfully to competitive threats
  4. Stay ahead of market trends and developments

Underpinned by over 35 years' in-house experience of instructing clients through five testing aviation cycles, Ishka's dedicated Airline Credit Profiles service is the perfect resource to accelerate and inform your airline analysis and identify opportunities and risks for your business.


“We find the Ishka Credit Profile reports to be of real value to us at Aergo in support of our own internal credit review and reporting process. Ishka has been able to produce these reports in a very timely fashion and we find that the reports are both relevant and easy to follow. We particularly like that Ishka concludes with its own view on the credit, despite not having the benefit of full transparency on the airline’s financials.”
Lorraine Carew, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Risk, Aergo Capital

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