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With over 35 years' experience advising leaders of the world's top aviation financial and leasing companies, airlines and manufacturers.

Eddy Pieniazek leads our team delivering a range of bespoke consultancy services to alleviate risk and position your company for profitable growth.

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Deep domain expertise

Deep domain expertise

Exceptional track record

Exceptional track record

C-level relationships

C-level relationships

Critical insight


360 degree view of the market

360o view
of the market

delivering powerful data and analysis

Financiers & Investors

Ishka advises on defining investments and developing profitable portfolio strategies

The Ishka team has supported thousands of aviation finance transactions and instructed clients how to target and meet
specific objectives

Airlines & Operators

Ishka delivers expert market analysis to create and validate competitive business plans

Our experienced team advises on which aircraft to operate and how to find new or used aircraft to buy or lease which meet specific operational and economic requirements


Ishka recommends and defines which aircraft types meet investment objectives

The Ishka team has worked with the world's top 20 lessors to optimise aircraft trading and portfolio management

global aviation today
  • $750bn

    $750bn generated annually by airlines

  • 36,000

    36,000 new aircraft required by 2036

  • $127bn

    $127bn finance requirement in 2016

  • $170bn

    $170bn finance requirement in 2020 (est.)

  • 43%

    43% of global fleet owned by non-airlines

  • 50%

    50% non-airline owned by 2020 (est.)

  • 6.2%

    6.2% annual industry growth rate

  • 3,500

    3,500 aircraft transactions per year

  • Double

    Double Pax No's over next 20 years

  • 9+%

    9+% ROI sought by investors

The aviation sector is complex and highly regulated with numerous commercial models and structural changes. It is capital intensive, financially volatile and vulnerable to short term macroeconomic and political influences.

We can help you navigate the risks.

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Eddy Pieniazek

Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Advisory

Stuart Flaye

Stuart Flaye
Senior Consultant

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