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Why are JSA and Goshawk’s aircraft orders so significant?

Ishka examines the implications of two speculative aircraft orders by aircraft lessors, Goshawk Aviation and Jackson Square Aviation. more


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Operators still prefer production freighters to conversions

A boom in air freight has resulted in an undersupply of available aircraft, but operators still prefer production freighters to conversions. more


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Aircastle flexes new investment grade muscles

Dickon Harris interviews Aircastle’s CEO, Mike Inglese, about the firm’s plans following two investment grade ratings from both Fitch and S&P. more


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North American carriers yields hold up but rising fuel and labour costs hit operating profits

Ishka studies the North American airlines’ operating profitability in light of the inflationary pressures from higher crude oil prices and labour expenses. more


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Amedeo eyes London fund market for Intrepid fleet

Ishka speaks with Amedeo's CEO, Mark Lapidus, about the recent merger with Intrepid and his plans for the A380. more


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Intrepid: what exactly have Amedeo acquired?

Ishka looks at Intrepid's fleet financing arrangements. more


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Intrepid and Sky Leasing purchases bode well for more leasing platforms sales

Dickon Harris offers highlights from Ishka’s Dublin festival. more


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FastJet comes off life support (again)

The LCC is fighting for its life, Ishka looks at the carrier’s fleet financing arrangements. more


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Lessors forced to wait for MRO slots

A spike in MRO activity is forcing aircraft lessors to wait for availability to overhaul aircraft and engines. more


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Lessors maintain claims against Monarch Airlines

Administrators and ex-lessors are in dispute over security deposits and maintenance reserves. more


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Lessors limit impairments despite airline bankruptcies

In this Insight, Ishka reviews the asset quality performance of the major listed lessors during 2017. more


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FLY Leasing: all set for an ambitious expansion?

FLY Leasing’s self-proclaimed “transformative” acquisition of AirAsia is looking set to close in Q3 as required approvals come in, overshadowing somewhat Fly’s solid performance in Q1 2018. more


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Which lessors are growing the fastest?

Ishka identifies some of those companies involved in the leasing space that have expanded their portfolios the most over the last three years. more


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Lessors insist buyers take ‘the sweet with the sour’ with aircraft portfolio trades

Lessors have indicated that trading remains robust as sellers receive multiple bids for leased aircraft portfolios. more


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Airlines adjust to more lease novations

Ishka reviews airline novation charges for lessors. more


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ALC’s ambitious growth plan is underway

Ishka explores ALC’s Q1 results in the light of its recently announced growth plans. The lessor is in an acquisition mode, looking to supplement its deep orderbook with opportunistic purchases in the open market. more


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GECAS launches START 2018-1 ABS, Castlelake prices fifth ABS

Castlelake has priced its fifth aircraft ABS while GECAS is in the market with its eleventh aircraft securitisation. more


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AerCap thrives despite Monarch and Air Berlin effect

AerCap's active trading showcased the lessor's platform in Q1 2018 despite deterioration in some metrics. Ishka takes a closer look and is not concerned. more


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Castlelake to acquire 23 aircraft for fifth ABS

Aircraft fund manager returns to the ABS market with CLAS 2018-1. more


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The Investor View: M&G Investments

Matthew O’Sullivan, Co-Head of ABS Credit Research at M&G investments discusses the aviation finance investment landscape. more


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FX issues dampen Korean investor demand

Cost of currency swaps is making senior debt uneconomic for Korean investors. more


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Avation becomes a full-service lessor

Ishka examines Avation PLC’s evolution into a full-service lessor and its recent aircraft trading activity. more


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Q1 2018 Traffic Update: Year-on-year load factors pick up

As part of a regular series looking at the trends in air traffic and capacity, in this week’s Insight, Ishka reviews the traffic and capacity changes during the first quarter of 2018. more


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Aircastle ventures into neo sale/leasebacks

Ishka examines Aircastle’s Q1 results. more


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Rising swap rates put further pressure on returns

As 5-year USD swaps broke the 3% barrier last week Ishka examines what impact this is having on new aircraft leases. more


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Equity returns squeezed for leased aircraft

Investors report to Ishka that equity returns are compressing for leased aircraft. more


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Case study: Lessors place Monarch aircraft

Ishka examines where the fleet of leased Monarch aircraft has gone, who is now operating them – and how long the process took. more


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Is new equity here to stay?

Ishka reports from ISTAT’s Asia event in Singapore. more


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When and why size matters for leasing companies

Ishka examines the value of size in aircraft leasing platforms. more


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Slots still risky for financiers as collateral despite Monarch victory

Monarch’s creditors recently won the right to trade the defunct carrier’s airport slots after an appeal but White & Case, in a guest report, argues that slots still represent uncertain collateral for financiers. more


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Aircastle’s heavy reliance on trading

Ishka reviews Aircastle ‘s FY2017 financials. more


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Turboprops forever?

Ishka examines ATR and Bombardier’s plans for updating their turboprop offering - an aircraft market largely unchanged since the 1980s. more


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Norwegian plans to divest up to 140 aircraft

The low-cost carrier wants to free up its balance sheet and reduce costs by moving away from operating leases. more


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New 777-300ERs lease rates and prices down slightly

Ishka looks at lease rates and values for the Boeing 777-300ER as it approaches the end of its production life. more


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Merx uses debut ABS to help switch to full servicer

Merx Aviation markets inaugural aircraft securitisation backed by 25 narrowbodies. more


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BOC Aviation moves away from floating rate leases

Ishka examines Singapore-based aircraft lessor BOC Aviation's latest results as it undergoes substantial expansion and shifts away from a floating rate business model. more


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Would lease transparency create more liquidity in aviation?

Attendees Ishka’s Investing in Aviation Finance event in London debate transparency. more


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Aviation Schuldschein: NAC repeats issue, no new entrants

Nordic Aviation Capital returns to the Schuldschein market with a $105 million issuance. more


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Will European investors stick with aviation as interest rates rise?

Ishka summarises some of the key takeaways from Ishka’s Investing in Aviation Finance Europe Conference held in London. more


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ALC uses tax boost to shop for aircraft

Ishka reviews Air Lease Corporation’s FY2017 results, as it preps for a higher interest rate environment to its planned shopping spree made possible by the U.S. tax changes. more


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The hidden rationale behind IAG’s potential bid for Norwegian

Ishka examines why IAG may be planning to take over a vulnerable Norwegian Air Shuttle. more


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Improving Azul benefits from Brazilian recovery

Macroeconomic recovery in Brazil helped Azul to return to the black in 2017. But is Azul in a position to leverage the growth in the market? Ishka studies Azul’s strengths and weaknesses in this ‘Airline Credit Profile’. more


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Appraisers indicate prices firm for current tech narrowbodies

A consensus value of a group of ISTAT certified appraisers, polled by Ishka, reveals A320ceo and 737s are retaining their value despite the increasing number of NEOs and MAXes. more


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Lack of transparency holds back aircraft ABS secondary market

A lack of hard information is keeping secondary investors away from a booming market. more


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Jet Airways struggles to reduce debt pile

The continued confidence of shareholder Etihad Airways, is crucial to the airline’s future. more


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UAE banks react to fewer Emirates and Etihad deliveries

Ishka reviews UAE aviation finance banks. more


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How AirAsia Capital purchase will change Fly Leasing

Ishka reviews Fly Leasing’s Q4 and FY2017 results in light of its recent large-scale acquisition of the AirAsia Capital portfolio. more


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Ishka Conference Highlights 

Ishka’s Investing in Aviation Finance: Europe conference returned to London on April 11th-12th 2018.  Watch the highlights and hear what our delegates had to say about the event 

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