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What are the tax implications of GATS?

GATS aspires to make the use of trusts in aviation widespread, but how will uptake of trusts impact lessor and airline tax analysis? more


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ALC rejigs future fleet mix even as OEM problems linger

ALC's ambitious plans for doubling its fleet over five years are bearing fruit but its strategic targeting of 737 MAX is proving problematic. more


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Lessor takes aircraft from HNA-tied Aigle Azur

French carrier Aigle Azur raised eyebrows last week after confirming one lessor “took back” an A320 under “deceptive means.” more


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Aircastle Q2: Strained results flag risk of betting on emerging markets

Aircastle's disappointing Q2 results highlight the risk of over-exposure to emerging markets after the bankruptcies of Jet and Avianca Brazil. more


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Q2 update: Top MAX airlines reveal grounding impact

Ishka examines the Q2 announcements of nine airlines affected by the MAX grounding. more


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Ishka’s take on Boeing’s MAX crisis five months on

Ishka reviews Boeing’s efforts to return the 737 MAX to service five months after its grounding. more


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Cargo lessors: Boeing will have to offer discounts on extra 777 freighters

Boeing will have to offer discounts on extra 777Fs built to plug the production gap caused by the 777X delay, say cargo lessors speaking to Ishka - but is there a market for them? more


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Fund watch: SMBC AC fund picks up investors, Investec loses aviation head

SMBC Aviation Capital has launched a new closed-ended equity aviation fund of 17 Japanese institutional investors. more


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Remarketers confirm plummeting mid-life A330 lease rates

More mid-life A330 are being stored while values and lease rates appear to be compressing. more


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ICBC splits 38 aircraft portfolio between separate buyers

Chinese leasing firm ICBC Leasing finalises one of the largest aircraft portfolio sales of recent history. more


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Boeing Q2: No certainty on MAX return to service

Boeing has prepared multiple and divergent plans for the MAX's return to service, betraying the uncertainty that still surrounds the MAX crisis. more


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In Germany, Spezialfonds timidly rise from KG market ashes

Ishka examines the German closed-end fund market: from the demise of retail KG funds to the slow emergence of Spezialfonds for institutional investors. more


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Investor Guide: Ancillary revenues and airline credit risk

In this investor guide, Ishka looks at the growing commercial footprint of ancillary revenues and their relevance to airline credit risk. more


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MAX grounding: Boeing's $8.3 billion blow

Boeing has announced $5.6 billion losses from customer concessions and delays deliveries, along with $2.7 billion from MAX production slowdown. more


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“Flight shame” poses long-term risk to aviation

After a decade of growth, 2019 Q1 passenger numbers in Sweden are 4.2% lower than the same period in 2018. Is aviation finance waking up to the long term risk of climate-conscious passengers? more


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Ryanair-owned Lauda feasts on sub-$200k leased A320s

Ryanair’s Austrian subsidiary Lauda has than doubled its fleet in 2019 with the addition of 18 mid-life A320s averaging sub-$200,000 lease rates. more


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Will lessors extend MAX rental holidays?

The continued uncertainty over the length of the MAX grounding poses a dilemma to lessors- a handful of which have offered their airline customers rental holidays or deferrals. more


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Accipiter makes first OEM order amid “extremely difficult” SLB market

Ishka speaks with Accipiter’s CEO, Paul Sheridan, for the lessor's fifth year about managing asset and credit risk in a market that looks to be “plateauing pretty soon”. more


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Airlines with MAXs seek cancellations, compensation from Boeing

As the MAX grounding enters its fourth month, affected airlines are growing impatient with Boeing over the OEM’s muted response to their calls for remedy.. more


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Tradeable e-note structure draws BOC Aviation back to ABS market

Aircraft lessor BOC Aviation has returned to the ABS market after a four-year absence for its second ABS - Silver Aircraft Leasing Limited. more


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Garuda joins list of struggling state carriers

Ishka examines three of the weakest state carriers: Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways and South African Airways which together lost a combined $719 million in 2017 alone. more


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Will an EU fuel tax push airlines towards new-tech aircraft?

With efforts to tax aviation fuel gaining traction across the EU, Ishka examines the impact that kerosene taxes could have on aircraft demand. more


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Lessors remarket 36% of Jet Airways’ leased aircraft

Lessors with exposure to Jet Airways have managed to remarket 36% of their aircraft, according to Ishka research. more


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Dublin Festival: So, how much did IAG agree to pay for those MAXs?

Ishka summarizes some of the talking points at its recent festival, held last week in Dublin. more


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Dublin Festival: Older 737-800 lease rates firm further on back of MAX grounding

Used 737-800 lease rates climb higher and lessors win longer extensions as MAX faces recertification delays. more


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COMAC’s C919 overseas marketing challenge

COMAC has faced some scepticism from aviation financiers around the international customer base for its C919, despite already having 815 orders. more


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How will Bamboo Airways break into Vietnam’s duopoly?

Ishka studies Bamboo Airways in this airline credit profile to understand how it plans to differentiate against its competitors and whether it has the potential to leverage Vietnam’s booming aviation sector. more


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Japan’s Mercuria to launch two aviation equity funds

Tokyo-based fund manager Mercuria Investment (Mercuria) is launching two aviation equity funds for Japanese institutional investors. more


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ALC is first lessor in the queue for the Airbus A321XLR

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) left the Paris Air Show this week with new orders for 105 aircraft, including 27 for the newly launched Airbus A321XLR. more


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BBAM returns to the ABS market with Horizon II

Aircraft lessor BBAM Aviation Services Limited (BBAM) is in the market with its third aircraft ABS, Horizon Aircraft Finance II. more


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Repossession update: WOW, Avianca Brazil and Flybmi

Ishka tracks the repossession process of three bankrupt carriers in 2019: WOW air, Avianca Brazil and Flybmi, and reviews some other recent bankrupt airline fleets. more


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South African Airways loses another CEO amid “unsustainable” debt

Another SAA CEO bites the dust, complaining that the airline is receiving no governmental support for its "unsustainable" level of debt. more


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Aergo CEO: A second ABS “not on the horizon”

As Aergo celebrates its 20th birthday, Ishka sits with the firm’s CEO and founder, Fred Browne, to talk about the company's history, why he thinks aircraft prices could soften and why the aircraft lessor is forgoing the ABS market - for now. more


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OEM problems throw a wrench into ALC’s growth plans

ALC’s growth plans have been materially affected by OEM troubles and the delays they have caused. more


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Ishka’s predictions for the 2019 Paris Air Show

Ishka looks at what could be in store at the 2019 Paris Air Show: from major announcements from Airbus to PR damage mitigation at Boeing. more


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MAX grounding Q1 costs for top operators just tip of the iceberg

The Q1 results of top MAX operators covered less than three weeks of the grounding. Ishka believes Q2 results will reveal greater costs. more


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Investor Guide: Digitalisation and the end of paper aircraft records

This investor guide looks at one of the main paper-heavy touchpoints on the road to digitalisation: aircraft records. more


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Aircastle Q1 results weighed down by Avianca and Jet failures

Aircastle took roughly a 10% delta y-o-y—on its rental yields and net cash margins in Q1 2019 following the bankruptcies of just two of its 86 lessees, Jet Airways (India) and Avianca Brazil (Brazil). more


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Update: €0.33/litre European jet fuel tax on the cards after EU elections

All of the political groups likely to form the European Parliament's next majority back a commercial jet fuel tax. Update: Tax would have meant 82.44% increase of 2018 - 19 fuel costs. more


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Aviation finance: Are you pricing for risk properly?

Three aircraft and engine leasing risk officers highlight their biggest concerns in the market today. more


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Lessor CEOs: MAX grounding a boon for lessors?

Has the Boeing 737 MAX grounding inadvertently helped lessors? Yes, according to several aircraft leasing chiefs. more


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Spare engine purchase prices soar by 20% in twelve months

With demand for spare engines getting stronger and stronger, Ishka surveys engine lessors for current spare engine purchase prices and lease rates. more


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Lessors succeed in remarketing most of bankrupt Germania’s A319s

Three months after the German leisure carrier filed for bankruptcy lessors have remarketed of half of Germania’s fleet. more


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JP Lease and Stratos price first JOL aircraft ABS

JOL Air Limited is the first aircraft ABS to include a Japanese Operating Lease (JOL) structure. more


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Aviation financiers becoming wary of rising airline risk

As fuel costs rise and airline bankruptcies have piled up in 2019, aviation financiers debate whether banks have become sensitive to airline credit risk in the past year. more


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FLY drops A320neo options

FLY Leasing has chosen not to exercise the 2019 A320neo options it inherited as part of the AirAsia transaction. more


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Goshawk markets debut ABS

Ireland-headquartered Goshawk Aviation conduct a roadshow for its debut aircraft ABS - the youngest aircraft ABS with tradable E-note to date. more


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ISTAT Asia: MAX likely grounded until end of 2019

Attendees and appraisers at ISTAT Asia did not think the MAX would be flying again in time for the summer season and asked how the grounding could impact MAX values and lease rates. more


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