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Airline bonds Q3 2022: Slowdown continues with new record-low quarter

Unsecured bond issuances by airlines slowed for the second consecutive quarter in Q3 2022, as issuances both inside and outside of China dropped further from what were already record-low levels since 2019. more


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Remarketing Watch: Lack of new-tech deliveries boosts lease extensions

Operators are continuing to look to aircraft lease extensions, partly driven by OEM production delays, according to sources. more


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Demand for freighter conversions still strong despite warnings of cooling market

Demand for passenger-to-freighter conversion slots remains strong despite recent warnings of a cooling cargo market, sources tell Ishka. more


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Pandemic restrictions cause FY 2022 losses for Australasian carriers

Ishka reviews the FY22 performance of select airlines from Australia and New Zealand, together a region which saw some of the longest and most severe pandemic restrictions. more


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Lessors wait for regional jet portfolios to come to market

Regional aircraft lessors are waiting for several regional jet portfolios rumoured to be hitting the market between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, according to Ishka sources. more


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Lessor CEOs: Aircraft ABS market could take three to four years to fully recover

A panel of aircraft lessor CEOs at the ISTAT EMEA conference last week predicted that it may take three to four years for the aircraft ABS market to fully return to the record issuance volumes seen in the last five years. more


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Finnair announces fleet reduction, SAS secures DIP financing approval

Finnair has announced its intention to reduce its fleet as part of a strategy to reduce costs. more


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Which aircraft can be converted to low or zero-emission propulsion?

The 14 commercially-operated aircraft types for which a conversion option to a zero or low-emission powertrain exists or is under development. more


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15-year-old aircraft values, Boeing to remarket Chinese MAXs, Heart Aerospace receives ES-30 orders

This is the 84th in a series of supplements to Ishka’s ‘Transaction Economics’ platform, delivering ‘the Ishka View’ on events that have a bearing on aircraft values, lease rates, and the market dynamics that matter, in today’s market environment. more


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Asset managers survey: Returns rise on higher interest rates

Unlevered asset returns for new-technology narrowbody and widebody aircraft appear to have risen over the last seven months on the back of higher interest rates, according to Ishka’s latest aircraft asset managers survey. more


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ALC’s Hazy: Boeing has missed 'window of opportunity’ for the MAX

In a keynote address at the ISTAT EMEA conference in Marrakesh last week, Air Lease Corporation (ALC) chairman Steve Udvar-Hazy stated that sales for the Airbus A320neo family will continue to outpace those for rival Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft. more


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Investor briefing: The problematic sustainability argument of extending an aircraft’s life

Much is known about operational emissions of aircraft, but much more is yet to be learned about the environmental impacts of aircraft manufacturing – “cradle-to-gate” environmental impacts. more


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Narrowbody values firm due to production gap, widebodies lag

Narrowbody aircraft values and lease rates have mostly improved since mid-2021 on the back of a strong traffic rebound and OEM production delays that have resulted in demand for new-tech aircraft exceeding current supply, according to Ishka’s Transaction Economics. more


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Inflationary pressures and currency movements dampen Latin American airlines’ recovery

Ishka reviews the H1 2022 performance of select Latin American airlines. more


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Banks asked to extend warehouses due to absent aircraft ABS market

Aircraft lessors are being offered competitive terms for new aircraft warehouse facilities by several key aviation investment banks, confide financiers, despite the fact that the aircraft ABS market has been effectively shut for new issuers since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. more


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Abelo CEO: Banks ‘back’ for regional aircraft amid ‘improving’ market

Regional aircraft lessor Abelo CEO Stephen Gorman sits down with Ishka to discuss the leasing company’s progress, market outlook, and its ESG plans. more


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Airbus registers no new orders in quiet month for OEMs

August was a quiet month for the OEMS following a relatively busy July, with fewer aircraft orders for both Airbus and Boeng. more


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Ishka Tokyo: Japanese regional banks held back by pandemic fears

Japanese aviation deal arrangers are hopeful that the country’s upcoming international reopening will help local lenders regain confidence in the industry, stated delegates at Ishka’s Investing in Aviation Finance: Japan conference held in Tokyo last week. more


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5-year-old aircraft values, Russian airlines turn away from Western OEMs

This is the 83rd in a series of supplements to Ishka’s ‘Transaction Economics’ platform, delivering ‘the Ishka View’ on events that have a bearing on aircraft values, lease rates, and the market dynamics that matter, in today’s market environment. more


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Lessors and airlines face funding pressure as banks raise margins

Risk-adjusted margins rise for new secured aircraft loans as banks pass on rising funding costs to lessors and airlines. more


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SLB lease rate factors inch up

Lease rate factors (LRF) on recently signed sale/leasebacks (SLBs) have risen over the past few months as a result of rising interest rates, sources tell Ishka. more


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SAS looks to slash its fleet, aha! enters Chapter 11

US regional airline aha! Has ceased operations, after its parent company ExpressJet filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 23rd August. more


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Airline state aid wanes with single confirmed package over last month

Ishka estimates that as of 6th September 2022 governments have introduced $212.12 billion in assistance measures for air carriers globally, including sectoral package and airline-specific bailouts. Unconfirmed reports and allocations deemed likely suggest the tally could increase to $222.65 billion. more


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US LCCs boost revenue growth over 2019 levels

Ishka examines the recent quarter performance of the US ultra-low-cost carriers - Spirit, Frontier, Allegiant, and Sun Country. more


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ESG Extra: US Congress approves tax credits to spearhead SAF

This is the fourth in a series of supplements to Ishka delivering ‘The Ishka View’ on aviation ESG and other Sustainability developments. more


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