Update: Issuers contemplate more aircraft ABS refinancings

Ishka investigates how issuers are exploring potential aircraft ABS refinancings, and not always for better coupons.

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Fund watch: Sirius delays IPO; Ostrum seeks investors

Sirius Aviation Capital Holdings Limited, the Guernsey-based lessor launched by Ryanair’s ex-deputy CEO, Howard Millar, has delayed its IPO for the second time this month, while Ostrum Asset management launches a new aviation debt fund. more


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Could aviation finance attract ESG investors?

Ishka examines whether aviation finance, a notoriously carbon-intensive industry, could meet ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria and attract ethical investors. more


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Vx Capital Partners prices freighter ABS

Vx Capital Partners, a leasing firm specialising in narrowbody freighter aircraft, has priced its debut securitisation, CARGO 2018-1, 100% backed by cargo aircraft. more


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