LIBOR is dead; long live LIBOR

A wake has been scheduled for LIBOR, but is aviation ready for a new reference rate?

Transaction Economics
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Viral Capital: Airlines slow down debt raising

Airlines appear to have slowed down the volume of additional debt facilities in the last few weeks after raising billions of dollars a day during March and April to help cope with the coronavirus crisis. more


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Viral Capital: Airlines access another $12 billion in April dash for cash

Airlines accessed a further $12 billion in publicly disclosed fresh debt and drawdowns this April as carriers worldwide fought keep afloat, with another $17 billion of debt under negotiation. more


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Aviation banks say new deals on pause until ‘market bottoms out’

Aviation lenders say rising costs and the pricing uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 crisis means most new secured aircraft deals for both lessors and airlines are effectively on pause. more


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