NY Investival: Investors prep for Autumn ABS rush

Despite airline bankruptcies, there appears to be plenty of investor confidence in the aircraft ABS market.

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Viral Capital: Airlines access $2 billion of additional debt a day

Airlines have raised or drawn down another $13.6 billion of debt in the past week – equal to nearly $2 billion of fresh debt a day, a figure that only includes publicly disclosed facilities. more


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Covid-19: Spreads widen on non-Chinese lessor bonds

An analysis of around 270 actively trading lessor bonds shows that spreads are widening for many of the notes issued by the US publicly listed lessors. more


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Coronavirus likely to “test” ABS servicers

Multiple airline requests for rent deferrals and the stress placed on the airline industry globally as air traffic volumes drops could place a strain on aircraft ABS servicers. more


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