AFIC honours Norwegian claim, ECAs “busy” with airline restructuring requests

AFIC has honoured a non-payment claim, state sources while ECAs are busy with restructuring requests from airlines on legacy aircraft loans.

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Lessor bonds: Spreads stay wide as ratings agencies mull downgrade

An analysis of 236 currently trading lessor bonds show that spreads remain wide versus pre-Covid levels across maturities and ratings. more


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Airlines decelerate debt issuances to $7 billion in June

Carriers disclosed only $6.9 billion of fresh commercial debt in June 2020, nearly half the amount airlines accessed in the first two weeks of March alone, but roughly equal to the volume of new bonds issued in the same period last year. more


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Rating agencies respond to Covid-19 stress on aircraft ABS deals

Rating agencies have downgraded or placed several aircraft ABS notes on watch downgrade in the last few weeks in response to the continued pressure on securitised leased aircraft portfolios in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. more


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