Airlines decelerate debt issuances to $7 billion in June

Carriers disclosed only $6.9 billion of fresh commercial debt in June 2020, nearly half the amount airlines accessed in the first two weeks of March alone, but roughly equal to the volume of new bonds issued in the same period last year.

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Will other lessors need to adopt an ‘NAC type’ debt standstill?

Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) managed to win itself some breathing space after it successfully arranged a debt standstill with its creditors in early July. But sources warn that NAC could simply be the first of several potential aircraft lessor restructurings set to eventually hit the market. more


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Lessor bond issuances plummet in Q2 2020

An analysis of a sample of bonds issued by aircraft leasing companies in 2019 Q2 versus 2020 Q2 shows that lessors issued, overall, fewer bonds (by 40.8%) and of smaller amounts (by 31.7%). more


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