How do Aircraft ABS structures perform if cash flows are reduced due to Covid-19?

In a guest insight Kevin MacLeod, Vedder Price’s Head of the New York Capital Markets Group, examines some of the structural protections prevalent in recent aircraft ABS transactions.

Transaction Economics
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Spreads remain high on pre-crisis levels on all but A-rated aircraft leasing bond issuances, an Ishka analysis of 251 actively trading lessor issuances has found.  more


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Aircraft lessors flooded back to the bond market in Q3 2020. After tepid issuances in Q2, Q3 total new issuances were the highest of the last seven quarters – and over double the previous quarter. more


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Banks may be increasingly selective as to which deals they agree to underwrite but airlines still managed to raise $33 billion of publicly disclosed commercial bank debt between June and September 2020. more


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