Kroll and S&P unveil aircraft ABS September downgrades

Rating agencies Kroll and S&P announced further aircraft ABS downgrades following disappointing August remittance updates by many transactions.

Transaction Economics
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Ishka World Tour: A frozen JOLCO market will take time to thaw

The aviation JOLCO market will take one to two years to return to 2019 levels, say Japanese financiers, as airlines worry that that as an avenue for aircraft financing it is effectively “closed” in 2020. more


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Spreads slow to renormalise on active IG lessor bonds

Spreads remain high on pre-crisis levels on all but A-rated aircraft leasing bond issuances, an Ishka analysis of 251 actively trading lessor issuances has found.  more


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Lessor bonds Q3: Fresh issuances double on Q2

Aircraft lessors flooded back to the bond market in Q3 2020. After tepid issuances in Q2, Q3 total new issuances were the highest of the last seven quarters – and over double the previous quarter. more


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