Airline bonds Q3 2020: North American issuers move to secured bonds

The pursuit of liquidity by North American carriers drove many to the capital markets again in Q3 2020 with $13.5 billion issued – 63% out of the global $21.4 billion in issuances.

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Airline bonds trading update: High spreads become the new normal

Spreads for actively traded USD airline bonds remain wide compared to both the overall US corporate index (LUACOAS) and lessor bonds. more


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On Watch: AirAsia X and Norwegian to cut widebodies, SpiceJet faces $27m lessor claims

Long-haul low-cost carriers Norwegian and AirAsia X have in the past two weeks announced plans to trim their widebody fleets to cope with the Covid-19 crisis. more


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Wizz Air CEO: New opportunities as retreating competitors leave “vacuum”

Wizz Air CEO Jozsef Varadi has reaffirmed the airline’s expansion plans as many of its competitors are “contracting in a big way and creating a market vacuum behind them” due to the effects of Covid-19, creating an opportunity for the low-cost airline. more


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