Fund watch: Natixis exits Airborne Capital, PK AirFinance attracts buyers

Ishka examines the latest news for Airborne Capital and PK AirFinance.

Transaction Economics
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Covid-19 sees “seismic” drop in aftermarket demand

Covid-19 has caused a “seismic” drop in demand for aircraft parts as airlines delay all but necessary maintenance in their efforts to conserve cash. At the same time, an accelerated rate of aircraft retirements risk flooding the parts market, pushing up supply at a time of already low demand. more


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Domestic resilience: Which airlines and aircraft stand to benefit?

Commercial air traffic has begun a slow recovery, raising the question of which airlines and aircraft will be best positioned in the new environment. more


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Q1 2020: Airbus and Boeing bleed billions as Covid-19 hits profits

The two airframe giants booked a combined $1.2 billion net loss in Q1 2020 as deliveries and orders dry up. more


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