Sale/leaseback update Q2 2023

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Sale/leaseback update Q2 2023

Ishka's data sheet below provides a summary of recent sale/leaseback (SLB) transactions, request for proposals (RFP), key figures and active bidders. The datasheet is based on a series of reports on the sale/leaseback market.

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SLB market overview


Ishka has recorded 192 publicly announced sale/leaseback (SLB) deals consisting of 938 aircraft since the start of the pandemic (April 2020 to July 2023).

North American and Asian-backed lessors have been active bidders, accounting for 46% and 43% of all publicly announced deals respectively. Narrowbodies accounted for 81% of all aircraft financed by SLB since the start of the pandemic, followed by regional aircraft (10%) and widebodies (9%).

A lack of sale/leaseback RFPs combined with intense competition among lessors to acquire new-technology aircraft has seen LRFs drop in the last three months, despite interest rates continuing to rise, sources tell Ishka. Ishka understands several bids on strong credit RFPs have fallen below the mid-0.6s.


Click here, or on the image below, to download the data sheet and click here to download the excel file of SLB deals.



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