Ishka 2023 Deals of the Year Award submissions now open!

Ishka 2023 Deals of the Year Award submissions now open!

Ishka invites 2023 Deals of the Year Award submissions

Ishka is now accepting submissions for its Deal of the Year Awards. The Ishka Deal of the Year Awards celebrate the best-closed aircraft financings of 2023.

Which deals are eligible and who can submit deals?

The Ishka Deal of the Year Awards highlight the best aviation financing transactions of 2023. The awards recognise financing transactions and M&A for airlines, lessors and investors. Any deal participant can submit an award, including lawyers, advisors, airlines, banks, investors, OEMs and lessors.

To be eligible for an award all deals need to have been closed before the end of the calendar year 2023. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of January.  

Please submit all award proposals to dickon@ishkaglobal.com.


Award categories

Best Americas Deal 2023

Best European Deal 2023

Best Asian Deal 2023

Best MEA Deal 2023

Best Capital Markets Deal 2023

Best Commercial Bank Deal 2023

Most Innovative Deal of 2023

Best Used Aircraft Deal 2023

Best Restructuring Deal 2023

Best Lessor Deal of 2023

Best Engine Deal 2023 - New category!

Best Supported Financing Deal 2023 - New category! 

Editor’s Choice 2023


How to submit

Ishka can accept submissions in any format including PDF, Excel or Word files. Submissions prepared for other publications are also accepted. Any supporting documents or case studies are more than welcome.


Submissions Criteria:

Airline/Lessor, Borrower, Name

Deal volume


Currency (if not USD)

Financing date

Aircraft assets

All financiers


Legal advisors

Please specify at least three reasons why the deal should win


Who decides the awards?

The Ishka Insights team, a group of researchers and analysts, will decide as a panel on the final winning list of deals. More details on the Ishka Insights team can be found at www.ishkaglobal.com.

 For any further enquiries please feel free to email Ishka Editor Dickon Harris (dickon@ishkaglobal.com).



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