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Review of Airbus and Boeing single-aisle order conversions in 2016

Ishka looks at all known single-aisle conversions during 2016 for Airbus and Boeing aircraft and discovers that more than half of all order conversions in 2016 were Airbus customers choosing to up-gauge to a larger aircraft. more


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Will Comac manage to steal market share from existing OEMs?

If the goal had been to be a top tier OEM by 2020, then at first glance the odds looked stacked against Chinese manufacturer Comac’s commercial aircraft programmes. Both of Comac’s aircraft programmes are years behind schedule and have sold less well than many rivals. However, state support and the sheer size of the forecasted Chinese aviation market mean that Airbus and Boeing will face real competition in one of their most lucrative aircraft segments, in the not too distant future. more


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The MRJ programme: delayed but not defeated

Mitsubishi’s MRJ90 programme has been delayed by five years and the company is now scheduled to deliver its first aircraft in mid-2018. Delays are commonplace with all new aircraft programmes but lengthy delays can be ill afforded while the MRJ faces stiff competition from Embraer with its E2 aircraft which is on schedule. The Ishka View is that MRJ’s programme still has plenty of promise but any more material delays will hurt future aircraft sales for the Japanese manufacturer. more


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