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SAF update: Europe not yielding to Ukraine-driven HEFA price hike

From sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) prices to mandate developments, Ishka provides a summary of some of the points covered in its latest SAF webinar with Argus Media. more


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KPMG forecasts 15 to 30-year SAF ‘heyday’ window

New propulsion technologies in development today could mean that SAF’s heyday is concentrated in a 15 to 30-year regulatory-driven window, new modelling by KPMG Ireland suggests. more


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ISTAT EMEA 2021: SAF spotlight grows, and appraisers debate if hydrogen aircraft could disrupt residuals

From hydrogen aircraft to SAF, Ishka examines aviation’s progress coming to terms with its role in the climate crisis following the ISTAT 2021 EMEA conference. more


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