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Is the worst now over for Russian airlines?

Ishka studies whether the Russian carriers can look forward to a positive 2018. more


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How do North American airlines compare to European carriers in terms of labour productivity?

Ishka studies the labour productivity among North American carriers. more


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Airline liquidity – the outliers

As a follow-up to a previously published Insight on airline liquidity, Ishka examines the airlines with the strongest and weakest liquidity positions. more


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Is China Southern expanding too rapidly?

The following report is an excerpt from Ishka Vista, a new 2018 aviation finance market forecast, containing more than 100 pages of commentary and analysis. more


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Has airline liquidity improved over the past four years?

Ishka looks at global airline liquidity levels between 2012 and 2016 to understand whether the record profitability witnessed during 2015 and 2016 has had any impact. more


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Capacity utilisation improves in Q1 2017 but will the trend continue?

Ishka examined the traffic and capacity growth trends during the first three months of 2017 and found that the year has started-off with a positive note. more


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Steady as she goes: Capital markets update 2017 year-to-date

Ishka reviews recent trends within the capital markets for both lessors and airlines. more


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Could Emirates slide into the red?

Ishka looks at whether Emirates’ 80% fall in profitability in 2016/17 suggests a more worrying long-term trend. more


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H1 2016 AerCap review: Lessor targets $1bn of aircraft sales

AerCap posted another strong quarter in H1 2016. All its key financial metrics including operating margins, net profitability and liquidity remain robust as of June 2016. Ishka reviews the key highlights from AerCap's most recent results and earnings call. more


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Nigerian aviation crisis threatens regional hub status

While airlines the world over have benefitted from low fuel prices in recent years, the collapse of global oil prices since 2014 has led to soaring fuel costs, a dollar shortage, and a lack of foreign investment which has crippled several of Nigeria’s airlines and threatened the country’s status as the region’s main aviation hub. more


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Will US Ex-Im be fully online at the end of the month?

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (US Ex-Im), could be free to approve guarantees over $10 million by the end of the month if Congress approves a stop-gap financing amendment. This will allow the bank to legally function with only two board members rather than a full quorum of five, or a working board of three. more


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Young operator analysis: Canadian Jetlines’ leasing plans

Canadian ultra-low cost carrier start-up Jetlines carrier needs to raise CAD50 million to launch its business. The carrier has attracted willing European equity but needs a government exemption on the current foreign ownership limits of 25% to 49%.The Ishka View is that there is a strong chance that the firm will receive the necessary exemption but there is a risk that further delays could spook the appetite of its foreign investors. more


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The MRJ programme: delayed but not defeated

Mitsubishi’s MRJ90 programme has been delayed by five years and the company is now scheduled to deliver its first aircraft in mid-2018. Delays are commonplace with all new aircraft programmes but lengthy delays can be ill afforded while the MRJ faces stiff competition from Embraer with its E2 aircraft which is on schedule. The Ishka View is that MRJ’s programme still has plenty of promise but any more material delays will hurt future aircraft sales for the Japanese manufacturer. more


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Malaysia Airlines will survive Mueller’s departure

Malaysian Airlines Berhad (MAB) has already undergone sufficient transformation to survive the loss of its CEO, Christoph Mueller, who will leave the airline in September 2016, although it will face fresh pressures for the remainder of this year and the next. MAB has been successful in overhauling its network in-line with demand under its restructuring plans, but continued competition from South Asian low cost carriers (LCCs) will remain a challenge. more


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Ishka Conference Highlights 

Ishka’s Investing in Aviation Finance: Europe conference returned to London on April 11th-12th 2018.  Watch the highlights and hear what our delegates had to say about the event 

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